Main activities

How to set up a tree nursery workshop (June 2-3, 2018)


This workshop helped participants to learn about the different forest ecosystems, the natural mix species that once have dominated our regions, and the requirements for seed and seedling collection and planting. It was a practical workshop that included the sowing of evergreen tree seeds into the first kids-managed tree nursery in Kopaniec and getting to know how to transplant small seedlings to rootrainers and directly to the soil. The workshop was concluded by a tour that helped participants to identify trees and bushes of which seeds/cuttings could be used in tree nurseries.






Reforestation Camp (October 12-14, 2018)

This was a three-day camp for kids from our partner organizations as well as local (pre)schools with the aim to teach children about the role of trees and how to plant a forest. This was the first Kids4Forests project's planting, in which more than hundred children reforested an area of 0.6ha with 1000 tree seedlings.

Watch our short FILM about this event.

We also created a short practical manual for kindergarten and school teachers who are interested to set a school-based tree nursery with children. It is based on our practical experience with setting up our own with help from the Visegrad Fund. It short, easy-read, step-by-step manual in how to set up and manage a tree nursery with kids. You can download the Booklet for free.