We are offering scholarships for low-income families who would like their 7-9 year old children be involved full-time in one of Poland's only forest schools. We follow the requirements of public education (our 6+ year olds are registered in a public school but do home-schooling with the teachers of Leśna Szkółka), thus kids learn in very small groups everything they would do in a public school and much more. We are an art- and ecology focused kindergarten and school where kids spend even in winter at least half of the days (between 9 and 16.00) outside. Their superb health, focus, eagerness to learn, and creativity during the last 2 years have shown that child-led teaching, outdoors with clean air in beautiful forests and meadows is an excellent way of educating children.


For whom?


We are giving 3 scholarships for kids who i) join us full-time; ii) who are 7-9 year olds (aged at least 7 in September 2019); iii) who come from low-income families or families with three children and iv) who are local (20km radius from Kopaniec). 

In order to receive these scholarships, we ask families to commit to volunteer

a) on different community-organized activities in Kopaniec (tree planting, setting up gardens, compost making, etc) as a family 1-2 days each season OR

b) offer to teach one class (3 hrs) per month on a topic of interest to the family (to be discussed in advance).

A family who receives a scholarship would need to pay only 450 zl/month for Leśna Szkółka.


How to apply?


Applications are open until 15th April. Please write a motivation letter, including why you think your child would fit a forest school and why you think our forest school would benefit your child. Send e-mail to: